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The Life of Kati - Locked-In Syndrome

06.25.1974 - 12.31.2016
Original language : English

Kati Lepisto has “Locked in Syndrome”. Locked-in syndrome is a condition in which a patient is aware and awake but cannot move or communicate verbally due to complete paralysis of nearly all voluntary muscles in the body except for the eyes.

Kati’s story is one with many different dimensions. It has tragedy. It is full of emotions like rage and desperation. It has many facets of drama. It has (black) humor. It has adventure. It has romance and heartbreak. And it has a happy ending. A different kind of happy ending, one which does not come from a miracle that made everything better, but one that comes with the power of will, an positive attitude.

Tragedy: A 20 year old model who is living the “American Dream” returns home after a photo shoot in the Canary Islands starts feeling dizzy and winds up in the emergency room. The doctor on duty does not run takes her seriously because she assumes that if it is a model it must be drug overdose and she does not run the necessary tests but instead just leaves her sitting there in the waiting room while she was having a stroke.

It was only after she was paralyzed that they gave Kati an MRI which showed that she had a stroke. A blood vessel leading to the brain was clogged. The stroke had already done its damage to the brain and no amount of treatment could repair it. If the anticoagulant treatment had been given in time, there was a chance that the blockage could have been dissolved and Kati would have recovered. Now it was just too late to do anything.