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Dive into Europe’s story, and be part of it!

My House of European History is a unique collaborative project incorporating your testimonies on Europe.

A time and space odyssey

Travel through thousands of stories by European citizens

...into space!

Each story has its own geographical location. You can use the interactive map to fly around the world discovering stories from near and far!
A powerful search engine will help you find whatever you want, anywhere in Europe, anywhere in the world.

Browse and search this awesome catalogue

Because each of the stories is unique, we offer a quick and easy way to explore them. You can search the huge catalogue by time, topic, contributor and, of course, location. And yes, since the stories can be written in any of the official EU languages, you can also search for stories in your preferred language.

Stories Catalog view

your stories, your journey

There are many ways to share your memories.
Pick the one you prefer!


Seeing is believing.
Add up to five pictures per story to illustrate your testimony.


Have you ever had an encounter that
changed your life for ever?
Did you record it?
Fantastic! Why not share it?


Share movies from your own mobile or computer,
whether of your home or some other nice place.
You choose!


If you have a wonderful handwritten letter from your grandmother, scan it and share the precious memory.

testimonies, and more

Each story comes with its context, time, place and related topics for you to browse through.

Preview of story details

Read stories

One page after another, like a book. Each story is written in its original European language.

Focus on how to locate your story

Locate them

Find out more about a story, or the stories around it or –better still – stories from all over the world.

Focus on how to bookmark a story

Collect them

See this little star? Each story can be bookmarked so you can keep it in your personal collection and read it later.

Focus on how to share stories

Share them

Share any story, or the whole of your personal story collection.


My House of European History is open.

You can start contributing your stories now!

LOGIN or REGISTER to contribute. It’s easy and it’s free!

add my story!

Now, when you register you can contribute and preview your stories.

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